heres my list of cool 90s girl fronted bands

  • hole
  • the gits
  • bratmobile
  • 7 year bitch
  • L7
  • huggy bear
  • sleater-kinney (if u watch portlandia and u don’t listen to sleater-kinney i am ashamed of u)
  • lunachicks
  • babes in toyland
  • team dresch
  • the distillers
  • garbage
  • lush 
  • helium
  • tuscadero
  • cibo matto
  • jack off jill
  • the muffs
  • the breeders
  • bikini kill
  • heavens to betsy
  • voodoo queens
  • kenickie


  • cub
  • excuse 17
  • maow
  • free kitten
  • gitogito hustler (not the 90s but they so cool)
  • tribe 8
  • the butchies
  • fabulous disaster (started 98’ so i guess they count? they still good tho!!)
  • honorable mention!! kitten forever! 

I follow you because you have beautiful tits


were u trying to sound gross and creepy


like a joke is funny being sarcastic is funny but having someone make fun of you for every single thing you do and say is fucking irritating


i tried to do a thing ((transparent)) 

In 1995, Tyra Hunter, a trans woman of color, was injured in a car accident. After cutting away her clothes, the paramedics discovered that she had a penis and proceeded to ridicule and laugh at her. She eventually died of her injuries because of the paramedics’ callousness.


Thierry Mugler

"Do you know what a mandala is?" 
"Um, those are those round Buddhist art things." 
“The Tibetan monks make them out of dyed sand laid out into big beautiful designs. And when they’re done, after days and weeks of work, they wipe it all away.” 
"Wow, that’s, that’s a lot." 
"Try to look at your experience here as a mandala, Chapman. Work hard to make something as meaningful and beautiful as you can. And when you’re done, pack it in and know it was all temporary. You have to remember that, it’s all temporary.” 

one of my fav scenes


The shitty thing about being a depressed & anxious human being is that even when things are going really well there’s always that piece of your brain that doesn’t allow you to be entirely happy & is constantly whispering that all good things come to an end & no matter how small that piece is, that whisper is louder than anything.


twitter will literally delete an account for having annoying tweets but tumblr staff needs a 2000 word essay and a blood sacrifice in order for them to even consider taking down a neo nazis blog

i wish i could help people who feel sad!!!!!!!! i just want people to be okay and happy or at least just okay!!!! but i don’t know what to say!!! or how to help!!!!